Celebrity Breakers

The Summer VIP Fundraiser Committee wishes to thank our Celebrity Breakers for their support of our event. We are honored that these busy professionals were willing to the take and energy needed to dance with David Narvaez and the North City Rockers and draw your attention to all of our silent auction items – especially Break Dance Lessons at the Dorothy Jayne Studio. When you see them out on the dance floor let them know that you care – and that you are with them every step of the way! (IF any of you are jealous and feel you are ‘missing out’ just contact Dr. Wright cell 425-231-3530 and he will gladly put your names up here on the Website with the others!)

Barb Honchak – 3 times World Mixed Martial Arts Champion

Ali Anissipour – 5 times USA Mixed Martial Arts Champion – Orthospine with WWMG

Ryan Bollen – Mixed martial Arts from Charlie’s Combat Club, Everett

Cam Barcott – Personal trainer – and expert maker of Flan

Yvette Dwonch /Esparaza – North End Fitness Center – Oak Harbor – 24 hour fitness

aimeesoundbabiesmasteruserCelebrity Breakers