2017 Event Comments

Thank you so much for taking your time and reaching out to my family and I. It was a great honor to be part of the event and give back in a small and meaningful way to Make-A-Wish. The evening was very special. We enjoyed hearing other stories of Make-A-Wish recipients, each one so inspiring. Please pass along my gratitude to all that make this event happen. You all set a good example for others to follow.

– Dan Ahner and family

Easy to forget that parents and siblings are also victims of the critical life challenges faced by the Wish Kids. Excellent to see how Make A Wish includes family!

Hey, Sanford, didn’t know what a good MC you are – and nice jacket!

Dascha is getting so grown up and amazing grace and skill – WOW!

Even though we couldn’t make it to the event – we are certainly going to “drop a check in the mail” ASAP!

– Matt Bolin

Dr. Wright, that was a truly amazing event!

It is so incredible – the lives that have been touched by your efforts to support Make A Wish – including our lives!

We’re so glad that the Summer VIP Fundraiser was so incredibly successful.

Congrats to all involved with it!

– Robin and the Huesca Family

I was honored to be working with the organizing committee to put on the Make-A-Wish auction. I was in awe of how Sierra, Ben, their families along with the Schmidt family cope with their daily routines that so many of us take for granted. Bless Make-A-Wish for granting them their desires and bless you and your family, Sanford for your devotion to helping raise funds for these kids.
– Linda Hall

It was a great event! Anna and I enjoyed the food, dancing and supporting Make-A-Wish. Great job putting that auction together Dr. Wright and your team!
– Derek Karamatic

Being surrounded by the Make-A-Wish community was so enriching and inspiring. I couldn’t tell which families were donors and which families had Wish Kids. Everyone had the same vibe: generosity, gratitude, and a shared goal.
– Ben Rapson

It was an honor to be involved in a small way in The Summer VIP Fundraiser. This was a fantastic way to bring attention to the message expressed by the Christmas Spectacular every December for many years. It warms the heart to hear what the contributions made by all of us can accomplish. Let’s continue the support of Make-A-Wish with the winter version of the fundraiser, The Christmas Spectacular, in December. I hope everyone will be as generous then as they have been for the summer fundraiser.

Congratulations to all who prepared and participated in the Summer VIP Fundraiser!


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Greetings Sanford,

Congratulations! That is exciting news and I’m very happy for you.

I watched the video – what an event! I’m glad you were able to capture everything on video. It was nice to hear from all the wish families including Addison’s grandfather and Ben in addition to Dan.

Thank you for your hard work on this event. Make-A-Wish is very grateful for your support!

My best,

Jessica Quijada
Events Coordinator
Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington

Congratulations Dr. Wright, Joe and everybody for pulling off a wonderful event. I know the community is very thankful for all of you and your philanthropy efforts. It is a gift!

I think based on my past experience and, by what was accomplished the other night – incorporating either silent or live auctions is beneficial. Maybe next year now that we know the format – if it is started earlier, it could have the potential of bringing in twice as much.

I have found Raffles – as well as Silent and Live Auctions – are great ways to raise money. In fact, maybe consider a Raffle at the Christmas Spectacular. People buy Raffle Tickets — the items don’t have to be high end. I bet that alone could raise a couple thousand dollars. Since you keep ticket prices low this might be a great way to help reach financial goals.

Thank you Sanford for everything you do!
– Kym Zion

“Sanford, as attorney for the Dorothy Jayne Foundation it was a pleasure to attend your event. The presentations by each of the presenters were very inspirational. Amy and I were thrilled to be a part of this very special Make-A-Wish event. Probably the best event we have attended.”
– David and Amy Carson

“Sanford – As always, I’m very proud to be your friend. Great evening!! Congrats!! (Thursday)”
– Tom Stonecipher

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