North City Rockers

David “Pablo D” Narvaez began breaking at 11 years old and co-created Snohomish County’s original Hip Hop crew, Twilight Patrol.

Pablo D was honored by the Zulu Nation for his creativity of complex styles of Power Dance moves which are still performed by the current
generations of Breakers.

In 2010, Pablo D co-created the North City Rockers (NCR) a multi-generational Hip Hop production crew composed of Breakers, Graffiti Artists,
MC’s & DJ’s.

When not spinning on his back, David is a representative for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). In 2014 he was
an integral member of the Oso Mudslide recovery & reconstruction team which was Snohomish County’s most destructive natural disaster.

David now serves as WSDOT’s Northwest Region Local Agency Coordinator. David solely directs over 150 agencies for Certification of Right of Way on Federal-Aid Highway Construction projects.

Dorothy Jayne is looking down upon you and smiling when you teach Hip Hop at the Studio.

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