Sanford Wright, M.D.

Dr. Sanford Wright has practiced Neurological surgery in Everett, his home town, for the past 39 years. As the 1st President of the Everett Performing Arts Inc. he joined with Frank McCord, then President and Chairman of the Cascade Bank, and other board members to create the “Christmas Spectacular” that was stimulated by the local food bank shortages reported in the Everett Herald in the wake of 9-11.

Wright remained the Producer/Director of the Christmas Spectacular in the years that followed and has had the opportunity to work with many community leaders – as well as many very talented performers.

Four years ago he encouraged others to focus upon children with special needs, like Jocelyn Meadows, who exemplified “The Power of One”.

Last year he helped make the connection with Make A Wish of Alaska and Washington. This caused the Christmas Spectacular cast, audience and community to learn the story of “Wish Kid Monte Huseca” – and through his story, the story of thousands of other Wish Kids as well.

Finally, he guided a contribution by the Christmas Spectacular via the Dorothy Jayne Foundation to Make A Wish of Alaska and Washington. It was this gift that helped turn a Dream into a Reality for “Wish Kid Sierra”. Wish Kid Sierra and her family were honored guests of Summer VIP Fundraiser 8-24-17.

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