Sierra Ahner – Wish Kid 2017 Recognition

Sierra and the Trail Rider:
From her early years Sierra’s life was being out of doors on hikes in the near by mountains.

A convenient way of tackling this goal was to put Sierra in a back pack! – And it worked just great for years. However, as Sierra grew older, the back pack did not grow – nor did her father’s ability to provide “back pack services” either. So Sierra had some down time during which she was unable to go on hikes with the family. Sierra would often cry when seeing her younger siblings go out on back pack adventures.

Her father, Dan, found a temporary solution through renting a “Trail Rider” from “Outdoors For All” in Seattle. And in a way it worked out well. Dan, his wife, and his brother were able to pack Sierra up on the Trail Rider and – along with the rest of the family not only travel on hiking trails – but logs as well. (See the slide show)

Yet, the Outdoors For All in Seattle was a long ways from the family home in North Bend. Plus there was the need to make reservations in advance – not to mention the rental fees.

So – enter Make-A-Wish of Alaska and Washington!

Once Make-A-Wish gained an appreciation of Sierra’s predicament, they were able to use of the Gift from the Dorothy Foundation/Christmas Spectacular 2016 to purchase a Trail Rider for Sierra. And it proved to be a most welcome gift indeed!

Dan and his family will bring the Trail Rider to the Summer VIP Fundraiser, where it will be placed in front of their table. Dan and his brother will be more than happy to show you a demonstration of Sierra riding around the dance floor in the Trail Rider. Dan will also offer VIP guests a chance to use the Trail Rider as well – so you can appreciate the “easy ride” enjoyed by Sierra.

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