Wish Kids

The Summer VIP Fundraiser Committee would like to introduce our first “Wish Kid Designee” Megan McCarthy – a child who was honored to be granted a Wish but did not accept it. She felt that it might be better saved for another. We learned from Megan that just the offer of this Gift in some ways can be as important – or more important – than the Gift itself. Below she explains how her life challenging illness burdened her with a new perspective and understanding of sadness – a depth of sadness that she could otherwise never have known. But fortunately, the Gift of the Make A Wish offer lifted the opposite end of her desperate emotion spectrum with incredible jubilation and euphoria beyond her wildest imagination.

The Summer VIP Fundraiser Committee would like to introduce to this year’s Wish Kid, Rebekah Lovitt. Both Rebekah and her parents, Dan and Beth, found that the Gift of Make A Wish powered them out of the daily challenge of survival. It gave them a chance to confront the word “Impossible”. And – they were shown how Make A Wish can make the “Impossible Possible”.

And finally, the Summer VIP Fundraiser Committee would  also like to remind all of you about our wonderful past Wish Kids – Mark Estabrook, Ben Rapson, Sierra Ahner and Monte Huesca.

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